FHG1250L Series High-Speed

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FHG1250L Series High-Speed

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FHG1250L series high speed dry laminating machine

Product Description

The FHG1250L series high speed dry laminating machine is to make one web which is coated with solvent adhesive and dried after through the drying oven and then hot laminated with second web on laminating station. The machine adopts ten-motor tension control system, dynamic synchronous compensation of tension system and high speed automatic cutting and splicing to changeover of web which are controlled by PLC. The parameters are set or modified on the touch screen. Closed drying oven has recycle function of heated air to save energy. And the rigidity and stability of the machine is ensured by high quality material and precision processing and its humanized design which is easy and convenient for users to operate. It is your good choice to improve your production capacity while low down production cost. 

Main Technical Specification

Max. mechanical speed270 m/min
Max. laminating speed250 m/min (max. laminating speed of aluminum foil is ≤150 m/min)
Tension range2~30kg
Tension accuracy±0.3kg
Heating systemelectric heating
Unwind roll diameter600mm; 800mm
Rewind roll diameter800mm; 1000mm
Unwind & rewind paper core sizeShaft-less pneumatic chuck, 3″ cone and 3′ air expanding shaft
Unwind motor (4pcs)AC5.5kw/7.5kw+ENCODER+FAN with imported full digital AC inverter control system
Rewind motor(2pcs)AC11kw+ENCODER+FAN with imported full digital AC inverter control system
Machine overall size (L*W*H)15900×4870×4000
Machine weightAbout 42000kg

Substrates on 1st unwind station

PVC32~100μmmulti-layer films15~60μm

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