GFHJ1200 High-Speed

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GFHJ1200 High-Speed

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GFHJ1200 High-speed dry laminating machine

GFHJ1200 high-speed dry laminating machine is suitable for laminating two kinds of plastic film to form the perfect soft packing material. The first reel of film laminates the second reel of film through unwinding, coating, and drying. Cooling is the final step of the lamination procedure. This machine is advanced in technology, fully in functional, and has laminated excellent soft packing material.

  • Machine is logically controlled and protected by PLC. The touch screen centralized control.
  • 9 sets of AC frequency motor control tension.
  • Rewinding and unwinding device is Independent arms double-station reversing frame. Safety chucks clamp    the materials. Automatic splicing materials in high running speed.
  • Design of EPC automatic correcting deviation system for the first unwinding device and the second unwinding device.
  • Four parts Up-opened efficient dry box and exhausts device can control the residual solvents effectively.
  • Rewinder double water cooling rolls
  • Closed doctor blade device; Glue evenly device (Even cots)
  • Active coating rollers
  • Back pressure laminating roller device
  • Heating compound steel roll
  • NO.2 unwinding web with preheating device;
  • Heat source: Electric heating

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