EXC Extrusion Laminating Machines

Machine speed 200m/min
Machine specification 1700mm, 1950mm, 2300mm
Effective width maximum1600mm, 1850mm, 2200mm
Extruding machine HL-80 or HL-90 extruder with principle of energy dynamic equilibrium for economizing on the energy
Extrusion output HL-80 maximum 200kg/h ; HL-90 maximum 300kg/h
Extruding power HL-80: 37kw; HL-90: 45kw
Extruding resins  resin such as LDPE, PP, EVA, EAA, LLDPE, EMA, EMAA(mainly for EVA)
Extruding thickness 3~20μm
Evenness of T-Die thickness ≤±5%

Unwinder diameter: maximum ф800mm or ф1000mm

Unwinder diameter maximum ф800mm or ф1000mm
Base materials BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPE, CPP, paper(50~200gsm)
AC agent & Oven mode  coating by gloss roll, 8m horizontal oven
Rewinder diameter maximum ф800mm or ф1000mm
Tension control automatic tension control
Electrical control mode imported programmed PLC controller man-machine interface control
Transducer AC digit vector control frequency convertor (import)
Workshop requirement Length 25m×Width 14~16m×Height 5m