EXCA Double-side & Three-coupler Pulp-molded Aluminum Extrusion

Product structure  laminating on double sides 6 layers for one time. High-powered, low cost and one time co-extrusion machine for paper , plastics, Al-foil packaging materials
Machine speed 200m/min
Machine specification 200mm, 1350mm, 1450mm
Effective width maximum 1100mm, 1250mm, 1350mm
Extruding machine  7 sets HL-90 or HL-65 extruder with principle of energy dynamic equilibrium for economizing on the energy
Extrusion output single machine maximum 200kg/h
Extruding power  37~45kw
Used resins resin such as MLLDPE, LDPE, PP, EVA, EAA, EMA
Coating thickness single lamination thickness 10~40μm,co-extrusion T-die,10~40μm(single lamination thickness 5~30μm)
Extruding thickness  ≤±5%
Unwinder diameter maximum ф1500mm
Base materials paper(50~400g/m2)
Winder diamete friction winder maximum ф1700mm or ф2000mm
Sandwich unwinder diameter maximum ф680mm
Tension control automatic tension control
Electrical control mode operated by MMI, extrusion thickness automatically controlled by computer, the whole machine is in linkage control state
Transducer AC digit vector control frequency convertor (import)
Workshop requirement  Length 35m×Width 12~16m×Height 5m