MR300 digital control hi-speed rewinder


ER300  digital control hi-speed rewinder


TSK-1200H is the K series slitter of TIDE,which is designed for hi-classic customers.On this type machine,we used the advanced driving technique,and we pay more attention to stability,security,efficiency,etc.If you want,we can also add the function of auto downloading the finished product in TSK-1300H.



¤     Independence unwinding part

¤     Servor-driving system,high-efficiency PLC process unit

¤     Subsection tension control technique

¤     Automatic up and down the unwinding part

¤     Material-docking flat

¤     Paper core positioning technique(by lancer)

¤     Multi cutting mode ¤Differential inflated shafts

¤     Shaft less with air pressure, 3” & 6” paper core

¤     Main touch rollers and assistant touch rollers

¤     Automatic up and down the cutters

TRE  digital control hi-speed trim winder


TRE is the product for rewinding the cutting edge. On this type machine,we used the independence tension control technique by dance-roller,so TRE can fit the speed of main machine automatically.



¤    Compact structure,handy(one person)operating

¤    Convert-driving system

¤   Independence tension control technique