The YA401250FXL series machine


Product Description

The YA401250FXL series machine is a 4-color rotogravure printing machine for printing of PE specially. It adopts seven motors tension control system and PLC to control the procedures of tension dynamic synchronization compensation and automatic web changeover. The parameters are set or modified on a touch screen (HMI). This machine has hot air recycle system and drying ovens with unique hot air nozzles and can perform automatic cutting and splicing under high working speed. The rigidity and stability of the machine is ensured by using high quality materials which are processed on high precision CNC machines. Human oriented design of the machine is easily and conveniently for users to run.
The YA401250FXL is specially design for breathable PE for diapers.

Film direction From left to Right
Power supply   3  P 380 ±10%V 50 Hz(3-phase 5-line system)
Print color 4 colors
Max. web width 1250mm
Max. print area 1200mm
Max. mechanical speed 180m/min
Max. printing speed 150m/min (plate cylinder dia. ≥Φ170 mm) PE
Tension range 2~30kg
Tension accuracy ±0.3kg
Register accuracy Vertical register ≤±0.1mm(automatic register adjustment)
Horizontal ≤±0.1mm(manual register adjustment)
Max. unwind & rewind web dia. Φ600mm
Paper core size of unwind & rewind Φ76mm×Φ92mm
Rewind tension attenuation 0~100%
Plate cylinder width range 850mm~1300mm
Plate cylinder perimeter/dia. 377mm~942mm/Φ120mm~Φ300mm
Dry method Electric heater (option: steam, thermal oil, natural gas, heat pump system)
Main frame thickness 75 mm
Space between two standard print stations 1700 mm
Unwind & rewind motor AC4kw+ENCODER+FAN
Equipped with imported full digital AC inverter control system
Infeed & outfeed motor AC2.2kw+ENCODER+FAN
Equipped with imported full digital AC inverter control system
Main motor AC18.5kw+ENCODER+FAN
Equipped with imported full digital AC inverter control system
Overall size (L*W*H) 11390×4980×3580(mm)
Machine weight About 22000kg