YAZTW800-1000 Economic Computerize Rotogravure Press

Model and Name YAZTW800 YAZTW1000
Max. Printing Width 800 mm 1000 mm
Max. Mechanical Speed 130 m/min
Max. Printing Speed 120 m/min
Forme Roller Diameter 桅120-桅280 mm
Forme Roller Installation Pneumatic cones without shaft
Overprinting Precision 卤 0.1 mm in length (auto), 卤 0.1 mm in width (manual)
Installation of Material Roll Expanded by 3″ air shaft
Unwinding & Rewinding Diameter 桅500 mm, double stations
Cutting & Connecting of Material Auto cut and connect material at high speed without
stopping machine
Tension Control Range 3-30 kg
Drying mode Closed and internal circulation drier
Total Power 37 kw 42 kw
Overall Dimension (for 6 colors) 11700脳3000脳3100 mm 11700脳3200脳3100 mm
Total Net Weight (for 6 colors) 22 t 25 t